Keep your face to the sun and
you will never see the shadows.

Helen Keller

Sunfield Home – Wellington

Sunfield Home Wellington is situated in Wellington and is a protective workshop and residential centre for intellectually disabled adults who are unable to function without guidance and protection.

This diminished intellectual ability can be:

  • congenital,
  • genetic,
  • caused by injury at birth,
  • motor vehicle accident,
  • sickness, or
  • environmental deficiencies.


Examples include Down Syndrome, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and oxygen deprivation at birth.

We are a registered non-profit company. Our income consists of monthly fees paid by parents and a government subsidy. The annual deficit is covered via contract work, countless fundraising campaigns and sympathetic and caring donors. Benefactors are our lifeblood. Your ongoing generosity and commitment is crucial to Sunfield Home’s future. Please visit our Donate page to see how you can contribute or become involved.

What others say about Sunfield Home Wellington

Soon after our special needs son (Deon) was born with Down Syndrome, we knew that one day when he reached adulthood, he would need move to a care home. At our first visit to Sunfield, we immediately felt that this was the perfect “other home” for Deon who was also completely at ease with this lovely place. Deon’s health, physical and emotional well-being is thriving. The daily activities have continued to stimulate and develop Deon’s manual dexterity, intellectual and communication skills. As parents, we are most grateful and thankful for all the care and support that Sunfield has provided for our son.

Elizabeth van der Merwe 
Elizabeth van der Merwe

We are truly grateful that Lindy has a home from home with caring dedicated staff, surrounded by majestic mountains in the Wellington wine growing area.

Rosemary Nupen 
Rosemary Nupen

Our son, Jade, has been a long term resident of 25+ years, first at Sunfield and then Marais Straat, Wellington where he currently lives as a senior resident. During those years Jade, a young adult of 19 years when he first arrived, has developed in many areas under the care and guidance of compassionate staff and the greater Sunfield community. His personal discipline, independence and sense of responsibility is amazing. He greatly respects and enjoys Sunfield management and all they do for those in their care.  Jade would not have reached this growth and stage of his life if it had not been for the care and guidance of Sunfield Wellington’s dedicated staff and our gratitude and appreciation go out to all involved. 

Donald and Colleen Grove  
Donald and Colleen Grove

Sunfield is ons kosbare kinders se ander tuiste waar hulle die liefde, dissipline en versorging kry soos by hul eie huis. Elke huismoeder neem ons kinders aan soos hul eie en gee vir hulle die nodige liefde, aandag en toewyding met oneindige geduld. Geen ouer kan vir meer vra nie. Ons as ouers is Sunfield oneinding dankbaar dat hulle vir ons kinders ‘n normale lewe binne ‘n beskermde omgewing kan gee. Iets wat ons as ouers nie vir ons kinders by die huis kan gee nie. Ons is dankbaar dat daar so goed na ons kinders se dieet omgesien word en baie moeite word gedoen met hul daaglikse spyskaart. Dan is daar ook die siekeboeg personeel wat omsien na ons kinders se mediese behoeftes. Al is dit net ‘n drukkie en ‘n pleister op ‘n stukkende knie. Ons as ouers kan met groot dankbaarheid terug sit en weet dat as ons die dag nie meer daar is om ons kosbare kinders te versorg nie, dat hulle met liefde en deernis Sunfield as hul eie huis kan ervaar.

Zita Bernhardi 
Zita Bernhardi

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