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Sunfield Home Wellington’s residential facilities provide 24hour support for permanent residents, as well as offering Day Care programmes for persons with intellectual disabilities. Our objective is to create a family environment where residents and staff can interact with one another in a homely atmosphere and build friendships while participating in the activities provided.

Residents are also encouraged to develop a realistic level of independence based on their individual capabilities and participate as much as possible in normal everyday activities.

Most residents attend our workshop during the day or participate in either paid or voluntary work. At Sunfield Home we have an ‘open door’ policy that encourages family and friends to visit at any time and participate in any of our activities. With large living spaces, outdoor patio areas and spacious gardens, there is plenty of space for residents who may want to spend time on their own.

Staff members are trained to cope with any special needs or health problems and are encouraged to work in a supportive role, which also empowers our residents.