Sr. Veronica was born and grew up in Ceres and completed her nursing studies at Groote Schuur hospital and furthermore received her maternity training at the Peninsula Maternity Hospital.  Thereafter she spent years working at, among others, Tygerberg Hospital, Ceres Provincial Hospital, at a home for the elderly as well as Ceres Private hospital and Worcester Mediclinic.

Her 50 years of experience also includes research at the University of Cape Town for Tuberculosis and HIV and at Anova Health where she conducted training on the handling of HIV.

On the 1st of February 2019 she began working at Sunfield Home as a Professional Nurse and is responsible for the management of Huis Liebenberg to assure the residents care and general well-being and to serve as the link between parents, management, house mothers and residents. She books doctor and clinic visits and accompanies residents to them when necessary. She is also responsible for making sure that the facility is compliant to all the standards and protocol as set out by the Department of Health, Department of Social Services and Sunfield Home.

Sr Veronica enjoys the fact that she is able to work with people who benefit from her care and considers it a privilege that she is healthy and can work with Sunfield Home’s residents.

According to her, people with disabilities are unique and need to be respected, valued and loved. They are just as entitled to their human rights as others and should not be considered inferior.

Sr Veronica is divorced and has two daughters. Her eldest studied Financial Management and worked for ABSA till her passing at the age of 23 in April 2000. She had no children. Her youngest daughter is a personal assistant and studied Information Technology. She has been working at UCT for ten years, is divorced and has a son.

Her favourites:

Food: Any healthy food, no fast food or sauces, lots of fruit and vegetables.

Drink: Tea.

Dream vacation: An island.

Hobbies: Cooking, baking, knitting, crocheting and sewing.