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Zandri’s parents, Gerrit & Erilene, have been living in Wellington for the past 36 years and Zandri is their only child.      She is 33 years old, was born with severe brain damage, and is currently a resident of House Liebenberg at Sunfield Home. She attended various centres such as Cheré Botha and Alta du Toit school until she was 18 after which she lived at Alta du Toit Aftercare Centre for 12 years.

Roundabout two years ago her family decided that she should go to a residential care centre where she can settle for the rest of her life and receive enough stimulation for her needs.   Her father was friends with Johan Liebenberg, Sunfield’s Chairperson, and he introduced them to House Liebenberg.

For the past two years since Zandri has been a resident at House Liebenberg and she is very content and happy.   She is a quiet soul that loves hugs and enjoys her music.    The empathy, love, and dedicated care that Zandri receives from Daisy Groenewald and her team is immeasurable to her parents.

She requires care with self-care such as bathing, getting dressed,  eating, and using the bathroom. She can walk but is non-verbal.

Her dad, Gerrit, shares that they decided to place Zandri in supportive centres  at an early age which made the adjustments easier for them as parents.  He wants to encourage other parents to place their disabled children with the right facility so that they can be happy and independent as well as cared for according to their individual needs.