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Desiree Liebenberg lives in Weltevrede Wellington and grew up on Welbedacht Farm in Wellington. She completed her primary and secondary education at  Pauwgedenk Primary and Bergrivier Secondary schools and her decision to work with people with disabilities stemmed from wanting to learn more about how they cope with their disabilities.

During the past 30 years at Sunfield Home she has gained a lot of experience and cherish the love that these residents show to other people as one of her highlights.    “When you feel down, there will always be someone who will tell you that you look nice or that they love you. At Sunfield, there is also always something to laugh about, even if you are unhappy or upset. “

Desiree shares that caring for these residents motivates her because they cannot always help themselves and she can make a real difference in their lives. She will often assist them during the day with various chores like sorting out their cupboards, doing their nails or hair. She also assists with handing out medication and accompanying them to the clinic or doctor.

The challenge in assisting difficult residents, giving advice when needed, or disciplining them is something that she overcomes through the strength she receives from her Heavenly Father. At times she is a mother figure and then sometimes a psychologist.

Desiree is divorced, but has a life partner and 4 children, twins and a son and daughter. She also has 5 grandchildren! Two of her children are married, her eldest son is a detective and her two daughters both work in the corporate world.

She wants others to know that people with disabilities should be treated with love and respect and that we can learn so much from them, like accepting others for who they are.

“Persons with disabilities have dreams just like ours, if they could choose to be neuro-typical and live with their families, they would.

Desiree’s favourites:

Desiree enjoys rugby and cricket, she loves a cup of tea and sometimes a cider at a braai but would rather spend time at home with her loved ones than go on holiday.

We want to honour her for her dedication and service to her fellow man.